I believe science is most interesting when results are discussed and shared amongst peers. This is a list of experimental and theoretical groups I collaborate with, and to whom I am very grateful for their contribution to my research.

Efficient Routing and Transmission in Networks

Marco Zimmerling (Network Embedded Systems Group, cfaed, TU Dresden , Germany)

Benjamin Friedrich (Biological Algorithms Group, cfaed, TU Dresden, Germany)

 The role of chromatin in controlling of the timing of zygotic genome activation in zebrafish

Nadine Vastenhouw (Max-Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden, Germany)

Vasily Zaburdaev (Max-Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems)


DNA Replication and Replicative Stress in S. cerevisiae and early X. laevis embryos

Julian Blow (University of Dundee, U.K.)

Conrad Nieduszynski (University of Oxford, U.K.)

Alessandro de Moura (University of Aberdeen U.K.)

Tomo Tanaka (University of Dundee, U.K.)

DNA Damage, Damage Response, and Repair in E. coli

Ian Booth (University of Aberdeen, U.K.)

Celso Grebogi (University of Aberdeen, U.K.)

Alessandro de Moura (University of Aberdeen U.K.)

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